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Super Laundry provides service and equipment each year to thousands of facilities across the USA. Our organization is dedicated to offering our customers the Best Available Equipment and the Best Service in the industry. We have developed an unmatched package of services available to OPL facilities. These services provide our customers with the tools that they may need to make informed decisions. Some of the services include the following:

1. Laundry Sizing Analysis
2. Laundry Operation Analysis
3. Equipment Comparisons
4. Layout & Design

Super Laundry represents the leading manufactures in the industry. We recognize that there are many products available and know that it is our job to provide you with the best equipment available for your use. We also recognize that the least expensive equipment often times is not the least expensive to operate. In many cases, the difference of the least expensive and our recommendation will provide long-term savings over ten years that will approximate ten times the initial purchase price.

When we make equipment recommendations, we take into consideration many factors that are important to the decision process. These factors include: production, cost, labor expense, utility expense, durability, and warranty. (Please refer to Our Manufacture Comparison section).

There is a reason why we continue to grow - it's because Super Laundry offers Great Service! With our fleet of factory trained technicians and fully stocked service vans, we keep your machines running and we can usually provide service within 24 hours. There Truly is a Difference! We welcome you to experience THE SUPER LAUNDRY DIFFERENCE.


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