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Super Laundry assists many OPL facilities with the layout and design of their laundry operations. We take into consideration the many variables that are necessary for maximizing production of each facility. These variables often include; space requirements, amount of laundry to be processed, hours of operation, FTEs,and separation requirements.

Our experienced staff offers consulting, typically free of charge, for most projects. The layouts and designs that we provide range from 100 lbs. per day to 30,000 lbs. per day production capability. In addition, our designs include the following:

Equipment Specifications             Installation Detail              Utility Requirements

Our goal is to offer our customers an unmatched package of services that are designed to make it easy for you and to Save You Money! We welcome you to utilize our design and layout service. To initiate this process, it will be necessary for you to contact the appropriate sales office, listed under Contact, and we will contact you to obtain the necessary specific information to provide you with the information that you desire.

Please remember that we also provide a FREE LAUNDRY ANALYSIS and also a MANUFACTURE OPERATIONAL EXPENSE COMPARISON to ensure that you are provided with the best available products for your project.

We thank you for visiting our web site and look forward to working with you on your up-coming project.


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