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At Super Laundry, our job is to recommend the best equipment. Whether you're an industrial laundry, a hotel, a nursing home or a correctional facility, we go to great lengths to ensure that we propose the best equipment. The best equipment is typically determined to be the most productive, least labor intensive, the most energy efficient and the most durable. We recognize that there are many types of products available. Super Laundry prides itself on representing the BEST manufacturers in the industry. Not only do we provide a sizing and operational analysis, but we also provide comparisons of manufacturers. In many cases the best price does not equate to the best value for your money.For instance, it can often be a wise decision to spend more initially for features such as high-speed extraction or high-speed drying. The difference often will equate to long-term savings that are HUGE and far more than the initial purchase price.

The following is an example of such a comparison:


Sample Competitive Comparison (Adobe PDF Required)



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