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Super Laundry utilizes the most current data available to analyze demographics. This demographic information is necessary to determine the viability of each location. While the specific information we analyze for each location may differ, depending on secondary business considerations such as tanning, we typically analyze the following for each store:

1. Population Base: ˝ mile up to 10 mile radius
2. Growth or Decline in Population Base
3. Population by Race
4. Owner Occupied Housing units
5. Renter Occupied Housing units
6. Average Household Income
7. Median Household Income
8. Average Household size
9. Household Values
10. Median Rent
11. Population by Occupation

The following page is an example of a demographic page (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required ). Please note that this is only one page of the report, which we analyze.

pdf_icon_sm.gif View Demographic Example

If you desire for us to provide you with a Demographic Report on a prospective location, we request that you fill out the form below for proper processing.

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Please note that Super Laundry does supply demographic reports to existing customers, however we do charge $68 for these reports to new customers. If you are a new customer, you must agree to the $68 charge. Please note this agreement by acknowledging below:

  • If you are a new customer and agree to the $68 charge, you will be Contacted by our sales department for credit card payment information or an alternate payment method.


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