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Hundreds of potential investors contact our offices each year. Many customers perform their own research on the laundry industry and proceed to enlist Super Laundry as the next step. There are many factors to consider when investing in a new laundry operation. Most new investors chose to finance a large portion of their projects. Obtaining a pre-approval for financing can often save time and can speed up the entire process. Obtaining pre-approved financing typically involves the investor submitting a credit application and financial statement. This information is necessary to determine:

1.      The financial capability and credit of the investor.
2.      The amount of cash available to invest.
3.      The total amount of debt the investor is able to assume.

Since most financing institutions look for approximately 30% investment capital from the investor, the size of each project is somewhat determined by the amount of investment capital available. Super Laundry builds many new stores that range from 1000-10,000 square feet. We attempt to match the investor's capability with the appropriate project size.


The most important factor of each project is the location. When analyzing a specific location, we look at demographics, competition, utilities, parking, estimated construction expense, lease expense, and potential ROI. Super Laundry spends a huge amount of time each year seeking and analyzing potential locations. We attempt to pre-qualify locations and have them available for our customers.


Once we have matched a customer with a location, we begin the design/layout stage. Once the design is completed, the next step is blueprints for construction.

For more involved information, please go to layout/design under Laundromat services.


Super Laundry can assist with the construction process. We do, however have many options available that include:

1.      Acting as GC for project
2.      Referring you to a GC.
3.      Referring sub-contractors
4.      Consulting


Once the construction begins, our experienced staff of installation professionals will install your equipment correctly. The proper installation of equipment is very important to ensure your equipment operates to the manufactures specifications. We will provide you with a schedule for the equipment deliveries and installations.


When the installation has been completed, we then have our service department test all of the equipment to ensure that it is operating correctly.


Super Laundry will train you how to operate the equipment within your store. This normally includes training on typical maintenance issues. The training also usually includes training your employees. The training process usually includes a large amount of setting vend prices, training on audit capabilities and procedures, and promotional pricing.

Grand Opening:

Super Laundry assists with the scheduling of your Grand Opening. This will normally be planned 30-90 days after the initial opening. Most customers have found it very advantageous to schedule an advertising campaign to coincide with the Grand Opening event.

After Your Open:

Super Laundry will continue to assist you long after you open your store. We offer free service schools, will assist you with future service with factory trained technicians, and have a discount parts and supply department at your disposal.

Super Laundry is there for you every step of the way!

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