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The laundromat industry has a built a reputation of being a conservative investment. This
multi-billion dollar industry provides a basic service to millions of Americans.
Historically, coin laundries have thrived in periods of both growth and recession. When
home ownership decreases, the self-serve coin laundry market expands as more people
are unable to repair, replace, or purchase new washers and dryers. The market size
typically grows proportionately to the increase in population. Fortunately, the public will
always need to wash clothes.

Super Laundry is the largest supplier of commercial laundry equipment in the USA. We
build new state-of-the-art stores each year for a variety of customer types.

Many of our customers build new stores for a future retirement income. Over the past
decade, we have found  many multi- business owners have also entered the arena, with
positive steady cash flow, great depreciation, and minimal investment capital providing
the attractive return on investment that they desire.

Our organization is dedicated to helping our customers achieve success. We go to great
lengths to provide an unmatched package of both products and services.


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